What is Haptix Studio?

Haptix Studio, based in Lansing, Michigan, is a premier motion capture and media production facility. Boasting the largest publicly accessible motion capture space in the state, our 1,300-square-foot capture area is equipped with 56 advanced OptiTrack cameras. At Haptix, we specialize in producing high-quality motion capture animations, offering pre-visualization services for games and films, and providing photogrammetry solutions for avatar and digital twin creation. In addition, we are dedicated to fostering educational outreach by hosting interactive learning experiences for students ranging from middle school to college levels.

Haptix was founded as an off-shoot of Great Lakes Reality Labs, a Michigan software development company focusing on creating educational content to help students transition to adulthood. Haptix became fully operational in Summer of 2020, creating content for local schools and expanding the capabilities of GLRL. Our staff has grown from two to nine full-time staff members passionate about motion capture and animation. Since then, Haptix has moved to a new location in the heart of Lansing, with expanded space and capabilities.

Educational Outreach

In addition to providing motion capture services, we are also committed to education and community outreach. We offer educational programming for Michigan students, with a focus on teaching the next generation of creators how to break into the industry. We believe in the importance of sharing our knowledge and experience with the community, and are always happy to engage with aspiring creators and industry professionals. At Haptix Studio, our motto is “Venture Further”. We believe in moving the industry, the schools, and the state forward into the modern media production world, and making Michigan and Lansing competitive locations for future productions.

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