Motion Capture

Capture intricate physical performance, for asset production, film of VR Training.
square feet of capture space
motion capture cameras
actors at once

Motion Capture at Haptix

  • 40 Prime 22 full-body cameras
  • 12 Prime 13 detail cameras
  • 4 Prime Color cameras
  • Record multiple subjects at once
  • Stretchsense hand tracking
  • Virtual Camera System
  • Stunt Coordinator available
  • Actor pool available

Our Process

Our pipeline starts with recording subjects using OptiTrack cameras, recorded to the OptiTrack Motive software. From there the capture data is cleaned up and sent to Motionbuilder to apply character models, add props, and further clean and exaggerate animations. Finally, it can be exported to the Unreal or Unity game engines, or transferred as one of many industry-standard filetypes.


Motion Capture

Capture your actions at our facility with crystal clear playback and real-time remote supervision.


Cleanup + Retargeting

Our talented mocap technicians will clean, translate and retarget your actions with industry-standard 3D programs.



Deliverables are tracked and organized with our internal production pipeline and post-production support staff.

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