Volume Features

Square Feet of Capture Space

Motion Capture Cameras

Actors at Once

To ensure accuracy and precision, we record the performance with our 56 Optitrack cameras, which capture the movements of the actors with incredible detail. We use four reference cameras to record the actions of the real actor, which are then sent as reference to clients to select the best shots, and are used by animators to ensure they are accurately portraying the original performance.

Our studio uses Faceware for our facial capture needs, and Stretchsense gloves for hand capture. We have two pairs of both, allowing for full performance capture recordings. We also have Livelink to Unreal capabilities, allowing for quick and effective recording directly into Unreal scenes to help support pre-viz workflows.

Additionally, our virtual camera system enables real-time tracking of camera movements, allowing for quick visualization of the captured performance. Haptix Studio also utilizes Unreal Engine livelink, which connects the motion capture data directly to the virtual environment in Unreal Engine. This integration facilitates the creation of dynamic and lifelike animations and experiences. Furthermore, our remote direction capabilities enable real-time feedback and communication between the director and the actors during the performance.
Overall, our volume features provide unparalleled versatility, accuracy, and efficiency, allowing us to bring your vision to life in the most effective and immersive way possible.


Motion capture has become an essential tool for pre-visualization (pre-viz) in the entertainment industry. We use Livelink to Unreal capabilities, allowing for quick and effective recording directly into Unreal scenes to help support pre-viz workflows. This enables studios to better plan out the overall look and feel of the project, test camera angles, and evaluate the effectiveness of various shots. By using motion capture for pre-viz, studios can save time and money by identifying potential issues early on in the process and making changes before production begins. At Haptix Studio, we specialize in using mocap for pre-viz, and our team of experts can help you visualize and plan out your project to ensure its success.

Retargeting and Motion Editing

At Haptix Studio, we understand that motion capture data often needs to be transferred between different characters and objects. Retargeting is the process of applying motion capture data to a different character or object, allowing the animation to be reused and repurposed. We use MotionBuilder, a powerful 3D character animation software, for our retargeting process. With our expertise in retargeting and ROMs, we can accurately transfer motion data between characters with varying proportions as well as prop objects. Our team can retarget even the most complex animations, ensuring that the final output is of the highest quality and meets your project requirements.

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