Create Immersive Digital Assets with Photogrammetry

At Haptix Studio, we use the latest photogrammetry techniques to quickly scan and create one-to-one textured digital assets of props and merchandise. These digital assets can be used in games, online shopping, or other forms of media. By using photogrammetry, we can create highly accurate and detailed digital models of your products, allowing you to showcase them in an immersive and interactive way.

Visualize Large-Scale Projects with Precision and Accuracy

Our photogrammetry services also include capturing large buildings, outdoor features, stadiums, and other infrastructure using drones and ground photography teams. This is useful for surveying, infrastructure assessment (such as sewage, electrical, or plumbing), and municipal services. The resulting digital twins or exteriors can be used to create marketing materials or highly re-usable digital assets. With our photogrammetry services, we can help you visualize and plan out large-scale projects with precision and accuracy.

Preserve Your Priceless Objects Digitally

Our team uses photogrammetry to create digital copies of priceless memorabilia, trophies, antiques, family heirlooms, and other valuable objects. These digital models can be turned into an NFT, a display piece, or a marketing video. With photogrammetry, we can create highly detailed and accurate models that capture the essence of your memorabilia, allowing you to preserve it digitally for years to come.

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